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Your Engagement Session

Your engagement session should be a reflection of your love and the two of you. It should be a time for us to get to know each other even more and let our carefree creativity shine. I've put together this guide to help us with styling your engagement session. This process is meant to be collaborative between theKeep reading to learn all of my tips.


First and foremost, it's important to determine your overall vision for your session. I recommend starting with the season and going from there. Fall sessions are filled with golden sunsets and warmer tones; this is the ideal season because every location will be looking its best. Winter sessions are usually indoors or outside at locations that don't show signs of negative temperatures, such as The Nelson or The Liberty Memorial. Spring sessions have all the beautiful blooms—think Loose Park. Summer is also a great time for photos, but consider the heat and common issues that come with it, such as sweat and wearing a suit/semi-formal dress.

A common practice is matching your wedding theme. For instance, if you are planning a modern monochrome wedding, I recommend matching your engagement session to that and shooting somewhere with minimal colors and distractions.

Once you have a vision in mind, it's time to think of our location.


More often than not, our engagement session together will be in Downtown Kansas City. Our area offers many scenic locations that make for perfect photos. When planning for your session, I recommend asking for help. It's a photographer's job to know the best local locations for their sessions. Describing your vision and sharing a mood board will help me recommend similar locations.

Sometimes, your location is more simple than you might think. It doesn't have to be over-the-top elaborate. It can be your home or backyard, your favorite coffee shop, the bar you met at, or even the Union Station Skywalk. Sometimes the best images come from out-of-the-box ideas.


So much can be said about the outfits you pick for your engagement session. This is your chance to wear that outfit you wouldn't normally choose because it's "too fancy." Your engagement session includes two outfits. I suggest wearing one formal look and one elevated casual look. A formal look might include a suit and a short white dress with some fun accessories, while an elevated casual look might feature nice jeans, your favorite blouse, and a fun pair of pumps matched with his classic khakis and a casual button-down shirt. Keep reading to learn about some more specific guidelines.


Make the most of your engagement session. Use this as an opportunity to get creative, try something you've always want to do, and build excitement for your wedding. Remember, these pictures will be the ones your friends, family, and guests will see before the wedding day. Give them something to look forward to! I'm not talking about your stereotypical Pinterest photo prop, think... BIGGER.


I always say that the more you play along with it, the better the photos look. This is your time to imagine yourself in a rom-com. It's the scene where the main character meets the love interest in the most romantic way. When you play into the prompts, more emotion is documented.
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