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Cassidy Drury is a Kansas City based Luxury Wedding Photographer specializing in documentary and timeless work. She is an expert in her industry and available for travel.

Currently booking 2024 and 2025 weddings

Capturing Candid Moments

Capturing Candid Moments: Your Love Story Unscripted

Hey there, lovebirds! I'm Cassidy Drury, your dedicated wedding photographer on a mission to freeze those beautiful, unscripted moments in time. Your wedding day is the tale of your love story, waiting to be told. In this guide, I'm excited to spill the beans on how to ensure your special day is filled with candid moments that authentically narrate your unique journey to forever.

The Difference: Candid vs. Posed

Candid All the Way:

  • They're the real deal! No scripts, just genuine moments caught in the act.

  • Emotions on the loose, reactions in real-time, and interactions as they happen.

  • Spontaneity's the name of the game in candid clicks, perfect for capturing surprises, giggles, and unexpected moments.

  • It's a story in the making, unfiltered and real.

  • They're the heart and soul of storytelling, revealing genuine emotions and creating a heartfelt narrative.

Posed Perfection:

  • A little more like choreography, with subjects striking specific poses.

  • Think of them as the director's cut, carefully staged and directed to perfection.

  • They're all about that polished, picture-perfect look, while candid shots embrace the beauty of imperfections.

Get the Look: Capturing Candid Moments

Capturing candid moments on your wedding day is like collecting precious gems scattered along your path to forever. To achieve these authentic snapshots, it's all about letting the magic unfold naturally. Encourage your photographer to be your storyteller, capturing genuine emotions and unscripted interactions. Embrace the beautiful chaos of the day, where spontaneous smiles, heartfelt laughter, and unexpected glances take center stage.

Think of your wedding as a series of candid adventures, with your photographer as your trusty guide. Together, you'll craft a wedding album filled with genuine memories that reflect the joy, love, and spontaneity of your special day. So, relax, enjoy the journey, and let the candid moments shine through – they're the heart and soul of your wedding story!

Just Two Lovebirds: Dos and Don'ts

Do it, you have my support!

  • Stay close to your partner. It's hard to photograph two people on opposite sides of the room from each other.

  • Keep your photographer for longer. This allows you to have more time to space events out, creating time for unplanned laughter and celebrations.

  • Don't be afraid to go with the flow. If you have a spontaneous idea of jumping in the pool, you should probably grab your boo and do it!

  • Create alone time for just the two of you. Maybe a private dinner or last dance.

Don't Even Think About It:

  • Ignore each other all night and greet guests without your spouse.

  • Don't hide from the camera. Even if you're camera-shy, this is a once-in-a-lifetime event!

  • Skimp on your photographer. Invest in a photographer who is an expert in storytelling.

Your wedding day is a treasure trove of emotions, and candid moments are the gems that make it truly special. With a skilled photographer and a mindset ready for spontaneity, your love story will shine brightly through unscripted snapshots, creating memories that will warm your hearts for years to come. Cheers to a day filled with candid magic!


Hello, I'm Cassidy, the creative eye behind the lens. My journey as a wedding photographer is fueled by a profound love for watching stories come to life through the art of imagery. Every wedding I capture is a unique tale of love, emotion, and connection, and it's my privilege to translate these moments into timeless photographs. With each click of the shutter, I aim to narrate the beautiful, unfolding stories of couples on their special day. Join me on this visual journey, and together, we'll explore the magic of love and storytelling through the lens.

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