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Carly + Ian's Winter Wedding at White Iron Ridge

Carly and Ian's wedding at White Iron Ridge in Smithville, Missouri, was a dream come true. Their love story unfolded in a picturesque setting, surrounded by nature's beauty. Let's take a closer look at their special day! The couple chose soft pink, sage green, and white for their wedding colors. These gentle shades added a touch of elegance to the day, making everything feel romantic and timeless.

The morning of the wedding was filled with excitement as Carly and Ian got ready with their loved ones. Laughter filled the air, and you could feel the anticipation building as they prepared to say "I do." White Iron Ridge was the perfect backdrop for Carly and Ian's big day. With its rustic charm and beautiful surroundings, it provided the ideal setting for their celebration of love.

After the ceremony, everyone gathered for the reception. The tables were decorated with soft pink and sage green accents, creating a romantic atmosphere. The dance floor was alive with energy as Carly and Ian celebrated with their loved ones. From the sweet vows to the fun on the dance floor, Carly and Ian's wedding was filled with unforgettable moments. It was a day they would always cherish.

Carly and Ian's wedding at White Iron Ridge was a beautiful celebration of their love. Surrounded by nature and the people they care about most, they began their journey together as husband and wife. It was a day they would never forget.


Photography: Cassidy Drury Photography

Videographer: Courtney Captures

Desserts: Lamar's Donuts

Bridal Shop: True Society

Menswear: Mens Wearhouse

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