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Hillary + Colin's Blue Spring Wedding at La Villa

Hillary and Colin's love story is one for the ages, filled with shared moments, laughter, and a favorite color: blue. When it came time to plan their wedding, the color blue took center stage, weaving through the event in a way that felt cohesive and meaningful. From the subtle to the bold, their Kansas City wedding was a stunning celebration of love, family, and personalized details.

La Villa, nestled in Kansas City, provided the ideal backdrop for Hillary and Colin's wedding. This venue, with its classic Seville Spanish architecture and modern interiors, struck the perfect balance between tradition and contemporary elegance. It offered the couple and their guests a setting that was both grand and intimate, surrounded by vibrant neighborhoods like the Plaza and Westport. The location provided ample opportunities for beautiful photos, capturing memories that would last a lifetime.

Hillary's wedding attire was as unique as her personality. For the ceremony and the first part of the reception, she wore a long white gown with a flowy sleeve design, embodying elegance and sophistication. The simplicity of this dress allowed the blue elements of the wedding to shine. As the evening transitioned into a more festive atmosphere, Hillary changed into a playful short dress with a feathered hem. This second dress signaled a shift to party mode, inviting everyone to relax and enjoy the celebration.

Hillary's bridesmaids wore dresses in varying shades of blue, reflecting the couple's favorite color and adding depth to the wedding's color palette. The mix of styles allowed each bridesmaid to choose a dress that suited her style, creating a cohesive yet personalized look. Colin and his groomsmen wore navy suits from Slabotsky’s, with paisley ties that paid tribute to Colin's late father, adding a meaningful touch to their attire.

The Italian buffet from Garozzo's Ristorante offered a variety of classic dishes, while the late-night snack from Winstead's provided burgers and fries—a local favorite. Each burger bag featured a custom sticker with the couple's new shared last name, adding a playful and personal element. The bartending services from Brookside Wine & Spirits included a signature cocktail, "The Al," named in honor of Colin's late father.

The wedding's decor featured a variety of blue shades, from the bridesmaids' dresses to the table settings. The floral arrangements were primarily white, allowing the blue elements to take center stage. Tall taper candles in hurricanes provided a warm ambiance, while vintage blue estate glassware added a touch of classic charm to the table settings. This elegant yet contemporary aesthetic created a harmonious environment for the couple and their guests.

Hillary and Colin's wedding cake was a simple one-tier design, with a delightful surprise: a fondant model of their beloved dog peeking out from the bottom. This whimsical touch added a personal and playful element to the cake, reflecting the couple's fun-loving spirit. The cake cutting ceremony was semi-private, allowing the couple to share this moment with their closest family members.

The ceremony was filled with personal and emotional moments. A guitar player set a serene tone as guests arrived, and Hillary's younger sister sang during her walk down the aisle, creating a memorable and emotional entrance. Hillary's aunt read an excerpt during the ceremony, and her father sang during the lighting of the unity candle, adding heartfelt family contributions to the event.

Hillary and Colin's wedding was a beautiful blend of tradition, personal touches, and a love for the color blue. From the unique venue to the carefully crafted details, their wedding day was a reflection of their love for each other and the special people in their lives. The seamless integration of their favorite color, meaningful family tributes, and delicious food made it an unforgettable celebration of love and joy.

Photography: Cassidy Drury Photography
Content Creator: Rewind + Replay
Planning: Simple Elegance
Venue: La Villa
Hair Stylists: Chelsea Rich
Makeup Artist: Maria Morris
Bridal Shop: bride.
Menswear: Slabotsky's
Rentals: Good Stuff China and Supply Events
Transportation: Showtime Transportation
Stationery + Signage: Yellow Brick Graphics
Florals: Daylight Flora
DJ: 3SIX5 Entertainment
Desserts: McLain’s
Catering: Garozzo’s + Winstead's
Bartending: Brookside Wine & Spirits




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