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Cassidy Drury is a Kansas City based Luxury Wedding Photographer specializing in documentary and timeless work. She is an expert in her industry and available for travel.

Currently booking 2024 and 2025 weddings

The Long-Time Debate: Pricing on Your Website?

I've heard these concerns a lot. Can you relate?

"I want more people to hire me."

"No one contacts me."

"I wish I could find clients."

One of the first things I ask photographers when I hear these worries is, "How do you display your prices?" Typically, they say, "Well, my prices are on my website..."

But here's where the issue arises.

I don't believe you can truly connect with couples, understand their wedding dreams, and showcase your greatness solely through your website.

Don't get me wrong; having a website is a good start, but it's not enough.

Now that I've highlighted the problem, you might be wondering, "Why? How can I fix it?"

If you've explored photography marketing, you've probably come across the concept of finding your "ideal client." Let's consider who that might be.

They desire...

A special experience

A personalized approach

Something tailor-made just for them

And that makes sense. If you work with couples who want a unique, one-of-a-kind wedding, they won't settle for choosing from a list of standard packages.

They want a wedding photographer who truly understands them and can offer something unique.

So, let's address this!

Personally, I like to have my starting prices on my website. I don't want to waste couples' time, making them fill out a contact form and go through a consultation just to find out I'm over their budget.

But from there, I do everything I can to get them on a call. Getting couples in front of you, face to face, is incredibly important. I can't stress that enough.

During that initial consultation, you're...

Building a connection

Demonstrating your expertise

Highlighting the value you provide

Showing your professionalism

Properly structuring your consultation is a skill I teach my one-on-one students. Practicing client consultations, preparing for objections, and gaining confidence in your pricing is incredibly valuable. But don't just take my word for it; here's a testimonial from one of my students:

“Cassidy has been an invaluable asset to our educational endeavors. She has taught us how to effectively market our business, prioritize the customer’s needs, and distinguish ourselves from others in our industry.” - DaVinshi Visuals

When creating your proposals, ensure they are professional, branded, and presented with a touch of luxury. Well, not literally with a bow on top, but they should look and feel high-end. It should match the price you're suggesting.

After a consultation, promptly deliver your proposal to your client. Set the expectation during the call that they will receive it that day. Have templates ready to go so you can plug in a few numbers and send it off.

To continue nurturing the relationship with your clients established during the call, follow up and check in with them. Address any expected questions they might have, either on the call or in your proposal packet. Questions like:

Do you offer payment plans?

What is the payment schedule?

How long is my date reserved before it's opened up to others?

What happens after we book with you?

By anticipating their questions, you're providing value by saving time on back-and-forth emails, benefiting both you and your clients.

This isn't an article about what you should charge, but I'll leave you with this:

If a couple has $5,000 to spend on a photographer, they'll spend $5,000 on their photographer. Even if you're more skilled, offer a better experience, or have a more impressive portfolio, you'll lose to the photographer charging what they're worth.

Consumers assume there's a disconnect when the numbers don't match the quality of work.

"Why aren't they charging more? Is there something lacking?"

You may know that's not true, but they don't. They're not photography experts; you are. Take this as your cue to charge your worth.


Hey, I'm Cassidy!

I've been doing the button clicking, people laughing, memory documenting thing for nine years now. Growing up, I wanted to be a teacher. Photography was something that I fell in love with as I gave up my dream to educate. But now, almost a decade later, I get to merge my two passions and help photographers like you get their business to be profitable and busy. Thanks for reading this blog post! If you enjoyed it, be sure to check out my other posts and reach out to learn more.

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